Any Colour You Like Deluxe Edition

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Deluxe Edition – released 9th December 2016

This 2-CD special edition is a beautiful introduction to Colin’s life’s work.

The CDs are packaged in a hardback book with 64 pages of art, lyrics, production notes, many previously unpublished photographs, original liner notes, and an extensive conversation with Colin during which he talks about the songs that were chosen for this compilation, the way they were recorded, what they meant to him, and how his attitude towards his work changed over the years.

CD 1 is comprised of fifteen recordings that were chosen ‘by the fans for those who would be’, with an extra track; ‘Where The River Bends’ that was used in the film ‘The Pier’ and had not been previously available. The 2002 re-recording of Wonderful Life is included, as is the 2011 re-working of Sweetest Smile. The version of Water On Snow was recorded live in front of a small group of fans in a studio in North London in 2010 and captures a magical moment.

CD 2 has ten tracks that Colin personally chose to accompany the deluxe vinyl versions of the album, the first volume of which was released in 2013 (Vol II released December 2016). They were his personal favourites at the time, chosen from the previous twenty years of output on his own record label. Every track is beautiful and for those of us who loved Colin, often heartbreaking.

This deluxe edition is substantial and was expensive to produce but we’ve priced it as low as we possibly can because we want this beautiful package, filled with Colin’s beautiful songs and Colin’s beautiful voice to be the ambassador for his work. It would make a fine gift for anyone who values high quality music and loves timeless songs and we want everyone who is a Black fan to use this edition to help spread the word far and wide. 


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Wonderful Life (2002 Re-Record)

Sweetest Smile (2011 Re-Record)

Water On Snow (Live 2010)

Tomorrow Is Another Night (2011 Remix)

Fly Up To The Moon

Let Me Watch You Make Love

Too Many Times


Ave Lolita

The Way She Was Before

Better Letting Go

Two Churches

Stormy Waters

Her Coat and No Knickers


Where The River Bends

Disk 2

If You're All Done Dying

In A Heartbeat

What Makes a Fool

Walk On Frozen Water


The Unforgiven

Grievous Angel


Beneath The Radar

Storm Cloud Katherine

Album Credits


Compilation production; Andy Patterson and Karen Rainford.