The Accused – CV remembers the ‘making of’

Some general thoughts from CV about album of the month – The Accused:


What DO you call a scouser in a suit?
Well……some of you call me the Mozart of our day bless you! A bit embarrassing for me (I think I know what a genius is and I’m not it) but also pleasing (hey! What if I’m wrong?) and humbling (never a bad thing).
The joke says; the defendant………..of course i changed it…seems better to me.


A bloody odd one to make; it was pointed out to me that I hadn’t released a record or played a gig for 6yrs!!!!……..and me working all the time!!!


I had a good hard look at what I was doing and realised my confidence was shot and I’d started to see myself through others’ eyes (not recommended……what others think of you is NONE of your business!). This seemed to tip me over the edge and I started on a series of exploratory (you might even say ‘demo’ ) recordings which I quickly chose to expand and which would eventually become ‘The Accused’………
I was having fun again and being challenged.


I must say at this point that I could not have done what I did without Martin Green alongside- holding it all together and also contributing not only musical parts on guitar, keyboards and horns but also string and horn arrangements that we dutifully grovelled over together. The breadth of his musicality always leaves me a little dumbstruck and to be honest I’ve never really understood why he puts up with me at all never mind for so long but I’m glad and grateful (interestingly I said this to him recently and he re iterated the same to ME!!!  Obviously meant for each other in some way).


Rafe McKenna also stepped in at a key point (the mixing) and dragged out of what we’d done a sense that wasn’t otherwise there………an passionate and eccentric presence – I  loved working with him……gotta give him a call!




Here are a few photos from the album artwork session:

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