The Accused – ‘Sleeper’ and ‘Yves Klein Blue’

The first tracks we are looking at are two of the opening three tracks on the album. Sleeper and Yves Klein Blue.



Colin recalls:

 The only time I nod to the most famous band to come out of my home city. I wish I’d tightened it up a bit further…..edited out a few bars (check an early Beatles album; 14 songs all in less than half an hour….who feels cheated? NO ONE!) but I didn’t.  Ah well………live and learn (yeah really? Not yet).

Written with Boo Hewerdene possibly the funniest man in music working today he came up with a full lyric while i was still trying not to laugh!


Yves Klein Blue



Wow! I thought; this guy patented a colour and produced several paintings of ONLY that colour……..where is he AT? Then I saw one……..and it was remarkable;gives off a kind of vibration that dances in front of you!
Of course everything goes into my head must at some point exit………and in this song Yves klein’s adventure in colour weaves into a story about an unexpected relationship ………more than just comparatively.


Keep an eye on the site for more on the album during the rest of September.


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