The Accused – St Cecilia, Blue Sky and Surrender

To round off Album of the Month for September, we look at the final three tracks on the album:

St Cecilia


………perhaps I should have been born in the age of crooners (it would have been easier to place me!!)……..and here I go stepping into that world…….Scott Walker has always fascinated me though I suspect I may have been wise to decline to meet him (careful what you wish for eh?) and his presence sits on my shoulder as I sing this.
Been singing it a bit live lately as it works very nicely with just piano ,guitar and voice…….and enjoying it


Blue Sky


‘blue sky’…………every now and again i have to let rip and this was the moment on this record…………Steve Barney on drums was so loud I had to go in the next room! Worth it mind……and I love putting this on for people who think they have me worked out (honestly; can we stop talking about ‘Wonderful Life’ sometime soon?).





‘Surrender’………a part of the much promised but not yet here ‘Bride of the Abyss’ suite. I love this but fully understand why anyone doesn’t get it…it is out of context at the very least………..I think Twin Peaks may have been screening around that time.

I didn’t see much of it but I DID catch Angelo Badalamenti’s score and something made an impression…made me want to try something more unusual. I may be about to re record this for the book/film..not that I think there’s anything wrong with it but it’s always a good idea to keep things fresh



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