The Accused – ‘The Way She Was Before’ and ‘Ghosts’

The next tracks we are going to focus on, as part of our look at The Accused, are The Way She Was Before and Ghosts.


The Way She Was Before


The Way She Was Before was featured as part of Any Colour You Like – voted for by fans to be included on the ‘Best of’ that they’d play for someone who had never heard of Black.
Colin Recalls:

I was thinking about John Martyn and that lovely way of playing guitar he had………and then I had a mental image of the young Charlotte Rampling tripping down a sunny street in a certain kind of dress……..and before I knew it this story song was written. God knows why I used the triple tracking on the voice (don’t normally like this on myself) but I did. Hmmmmmm


Here’s a live version from 2012 – live at the Grand as part of the Music V Cancer acoustic session.




Written with the hugely talented Gary Clark (Danny Wilson) and extra contribution of Reg Meuros. Horns arranged by Martin Green to echo the feel of a salvation army band and both ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ and ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’…hey it’s about old soldiers dying alone and forgotten in dusty rooms!! What is it about the modern world that refuses to value experience? The one thing we CANNOT BUY!
More soon.

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