AOTM – CV Talks – The Band

In this video, CV talks about the band at the time of the Live at the Power Station recording.

The Band:

We have information about a few of the members of the band.

Jimmy Hughes  – Drums – has a Youtube channel over at: on which he features videos of his time with Black, along with performances with other artists including Pete Wylie.

Martin Green – Sax – continued to collaborate with CV – co -producing The Accused  producing and mixing Live at the Bassline and Smoke Up Close. He also worked on the  2002 re-record of Wonderful Life and the 2011 re-record of Sweetest Smile.

The Creamy Whirls – Backing Vocals – Tina Labrinski and Sara Lamarra.

Roy Corkhill – Bass – has also played as a member of the Icicle Works with Ian McNabb.

Charlie Griffiths – keyboards

Gordon Longworth – Guitars



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