Artwork by Colin

As well as making music Colin found that his artwork was another outlet for his creativity. Click on the images to read more about each artwork. His work was also exhibited in galleries. A limited number of signed prints are available for purchase of each piece of the artwork – click on the pictures to find out more.

The remaining signed prints are being priced dynamically. That means that when there are 5 or more left, they will cost £250 each but when more sell, the price will increase. This reflects the fact that there is a finite supply – when they are gone, they are gone.


Woman Bathing
Van Black
The Rapture

Pierrot Lunaire
Face Me
Around Midnight


Artwork by Dannyink

‘This Is Life’ is a triptych created in commemoration of Colin which focuses on the fleeting nature of time and life.

Colin was a friend and colleague of mine. ‘This Is Life’ offers my reflection on Colin’s recording career and insightful lyrics – particularly as some of Colin’s most poignant lyrics were about life, some prophetically so.


For more information – head over to Danny’s site here: