Book of Celebration

We’re aware that some people could not make it to the memorial service in Liverpool. We set up this online book of celebration to give anyone a chance to share their memories of Colin and his music, along with any messages for the family.

We have now closed the Book of Celebration to new entries, but all previous entries remain below to view. 



Mike from Liverpool wrote on 9 December 2017 at 8:00 pm:
Always enjoyed and still do listen to his music regularly, Comedy album being my favourite, but coming from Liverpool, his music always seemed to have an extra something for me personally, I spent a lot of my growing up in some of the scenes used In the Wonderful life video, some happy days of my childhood on New Brighton front on family days out. Wonderful memories -most of them where anyway, but that is the irony, and rightly or wrongly, I still feel a similar irony come through in his music, which makes it all the sweeter for me. All these years passed! It is still a Wonderful life -most of the time! Thank you Colin.