Between Two Churches

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Studio album released 7 November 2005
After nearly 50 new songs, extensive solo tours and three live albums capturing them for posterity, Colin Vearncombe goes into hiding once more: Black is back. Between Two Churches‚ released in 2005, is the first Black album since 1993. ‘The ambiguity of the name Black gives me valuable freedom as a singer/songwriter’, said Colin of the return to his former pen name.

This is the one I’ve been working towards: the best one since the first one.

The album spills over with catchy melodies, swings between rock and folky acoustic tracks, and is both energetic and mature.

I am deeply moved. This is a coming of age record with a difference said Comedy co-producer Robin Millar.

Between Two Churches was produced by Calum MacColl. Calum’s songwriting, production and performance credits include work with Brian Kennedy, Eddi Reader, Boo Hewerdine and Christie Hennessy.

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Between Two Churches was Album of the Month in August 2013. Read the AOTM posts here.


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Come Out of the Rain

Cold Chicken Skin


Teenage Wall

Same Mistake Twice

In A Heartbeat

Two Churches

If You're All Done Dying

Signal Black Spot

Her Coat and No Knickers

Are You Having a Wonderful Life

History of Rock 'n' Roll Part 1

3 Responses to Between Two Churches

  1. Post-Punk Monk 2 August 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    I was just revisiting this album this week. I love the transition back into band arrangements after the intense, harmonica rack catharsis of “Smoke Up Close” and the acoustic releases bookending it. After that purifying minimalism of the early naughties, the mood turned more expansive again, yet not fully baroque.

  2. Keith Brown 22 October 2015 at 11:06 pm #


    I have just ordered 3 cd’s but also want @Two Churches’

    If this will become available shortly, please hold post to save the extra costs of postage

    Please respond when convenient

    kind regards

    Keith Brown

    • Nero 23 October 2015 at 1:14 pm #

      Hi Keith,

      It is looking like it will be a little while before it will be available again – early next year is the plan at the moment, but is subject to change. We’ll report on the site, Facebook and via the Blacklist when it is available.
      Thanks for your order

      All at Black HQ

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