We’ve repackaged all the previously sold-out releases and are making them available as individual purchases and as a special box set – the Blackatalog. Each album has the same track-listing and track order as the original release and the artwork has been re-scanned and modified to fit the mini-LP sleeve format. This means that some details are lost (like the credits that went into the booklets) so we’ve added this information to each album page on this website.




Blackcatalog Blackcatalog2f

All five albums (6 CDs in total) in a sturdy black box with the website address foil-block printed in small type on the back, in black – of course.

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BUY individual albums:

The Given
Specially re-mastered for this CD release. Only previously available as MP3 downloads.

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Smoke Up Close
A double album of 30 songs, recorded stripped down to their basics. This album sold out faster than all of the others. Two CDs in one album sleeve.

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Abbey Road Live

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The Accused – Buy CD – SOLD OUT
The first studio album released under Colin’s own name. Ten great songs.

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Are We Having Fun Yet – Buy CD – SOLD OUT
These ten songs, recorded in Mike Hedges’ studio in France turned out to be the last Black album for over a decade.

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Order the box on its own – £7.50 plus P&P
What can we say: it is hand made, matte black, has small gloss foil black type at the bottom that says ‘’ and you can store CDs in it.

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