The Collection


‘Black:The Collection’ is a CD of 18 tracks, including eight taken from ‘Comedy’ but only two taken from ‘Black’. The remainder comprises ‘Wonderful life’ tracks, including single of the same name and the singles ‘Paradise’, ‘Sweetest smile’ and ‘Everything is coming up roses’. Failing to include the singles from the deleted third album while replicating so much of the in-print ‘Wonderful life’ makes this an odd selection by A&M.


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Wonderful Life


The Big One

Now You're Gone

All We Need is the Money

Let Me Watch You Make Love

She's My Best Friend

Sweetest Smile


It's Not Over yet

Hey I Was Right You Were Wrong

Ravel In The Rain

Everything's Coming Up Roses

You Don't Always Do What's Best for You

You're a Big Girl now

Here it comes again

I Just Grew Tired

Just Making Memories