Privacy Policy


In this policy “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to Nero Schwarz Music Ltd. For more information on Nero Schwarz Music Ltd, see section 4.

“our site” or “this site” refers to the website at


Our general data protection ethos


We are committed to keeping any data of yours that we hold, safe and secure, and to only use it in the ways outlined in this privacy policy.


We do use cookies on this site. These cookies are not essential to the operation of the site


We will never allow access to any data we hold to anyone who is not directly associated with Colin and we will only use it to inform you about news and releases related to Colin’s work and legacy.

We will never, ever sell this data to anyone.

1.Personal information collected by this site and how we use it


This website collects the following information for the following reasons:


1.1 Mailing List

To enable us to share news about the work and legacy of Colin Vearncombe, we operate an email newsletter via a mailing list. We may hold details of your name, email address and location.


This data is stored on our behalf by an external company – who act as a third party data processor on our behalf providing us with email marketing services.

Your details will not be stored within our website’s database, or in any of our internal computer systems.

Their privacy policy can be found here:

Their postal address is:

150 West 25th Street

3rd Floor

New York, NY 10001

Their telephone number is +001 212-464-8969


Your data will only ever be added to our list via your entering it into one of two online signup forms:



By adding your email to our list in this way, you are giving us consent to email you with news about the music and work of Colin Vearncombe.


Your name may also have been added to our list historically through your adding it to a mailing list signup sheet at a show by Black – the artist also known as Colin Vearncombe. This method is no longer used for data collection. Your adding your name to the list at a gig is assumed as giving consent for this.

You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link in any email we send. There will also always be a link in the email to update your profile with us.

If you are under 16 years of age, you must obtain parental consent before signing up to our mailing list.


This data will stay on the Fanbridge servers for an indefinite period – until our commercial agreement with them is terminated. If we switch to a new service, we may transfer your data to this new list, but we will give you 28 days notice via email, with the option to opt-out of this transfer.


1.2 Data held by direct interaction with our site

Purchases through our site

Name, physical address, email address, IP address and telephone number.

To enable us to service your order, as part of the purchasing system through our site, we use the WooCommerce system. This data rests within our server as part of our WordPress install. It is also used to generate delivery notes and invoices as part of accounting systems, including possibly some as a physical printout on paper. We may keep this data on file for an indefinite period. The data is shared with PayPal to enable the financial transaction to take place.


The data you enter at our site is not shared with anyone or processed in any way other than to process your payment and send you your order, and the accounting processes involved with such transactions.

Comments on blog articles and pages on our site

If you choose to comment on any article on our site then the name and email address you enter, along with your computer’s IP address and the time and date you submit the comment, will be saved to the website database.

The information is only used to identify you as a contributor to the comment section of the respective post. It may also link you to a Gravatar image if this is a service you use.


This data will not be processed in any other way or shared with any other organization.


Adding an entry to our online Book of Celebration

In the past you may have added comments to our online Book of Celebration to the memory of Colin Vearncombe. If this is the case, we will have recorded your name, email address, location and computer’s IP address.


This data was only ever used at the point of posting for spam prevention.

This data is stored as part of our website database and will be stored indefinitely.

The Book of Celebration is now closed to new comments.



1.3 Purchases through external data processors, through our site


We use Bandcamp to service our online music players and digital purchases of music through our site.

We consider Bandcamp to be a third party data processor.

The data you give Bandcamp is used by them to deliver your purchases.

Their privacy policy can be found here:

Payment for the digital downloads goes via PayPal. As with item 1.2, that data remains with PayPal and is bound by their privacy policy.

We use this data for internal accounting procedures only.

We consider PayPal to be a third party data processor.


1.4 Anonymous browsing data is collected via Google Analytics.

We use Google Analytics to track visitation of and user interaction with our site.

Google Analytics records data such as your location, the device you are using and internet browser and operating system. All of this data is anonymous and we have no way of personally identifying you.

Google Analytics may also record your computer’s IP address. This could be used to identify you, but we are not granted access to do this.

We consider Google Analytics to be a third party data processor.

Disabling cookies will stop Google Analytics from tracking any part of your visit to our site.


2. Your information and rights


You have certain rights with regards to your data that we hold. These are:

  1. the right to access the data we hold
  2. the right to update your data
  3. the right to delete your data from our lists/server
  4. the right to withdraw your consent.


To exercise the rights outlined above, please send an email to [email protected] outlining your request and we will reply to you within 1 calendar month with details of the data or to confirm update or deletion.


  1. Data Breaches 

We will report any suspected data breaches of this website or any of our third party data processors to all relevant parties/persons within 72 hours of us becoming aware of the breach. This will only be if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been compromised.


  1. Company Information

This website and the content carried within (unless otherwise credited) is owned and operated by Nero Schwarz Music Ltd – registered in the UK under number: 10434451 whose registered office is: 3rd Floor Pacific Chambers, 11-13 Victoria Street, Liverpool, England, L2 5QQ

You can contact us by the following means:

  1. by post at: Nero Schwarz Music Ltd, PO Box 109, Liverpool, L18 8WX
  2. by email at: [email protected]


  1. Changes to this policy


We may from time to time, make changes to this policy, in line with legislation or with industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our website users of these changes. It is recommended that you check this page periodically for any changes.