The Accused – Storm Cloud Katherine & Better Letting Go

Storm Cloud Katherine

CV recalls:
‘Storm Cloud Katherine’……… tribute to Kate Bush (Hounds of Love being one of my absolute favourite albums) as a kind of thank you. I’ve never had the nerve to send it to her…….must do something about that. I’m still inordinately proud of this one despite a very obtuse lyric which effectively prevented it slipping into ‘pop music world’ and it took a lot of time to get right but I remember performing it live a few times with a full band and feeling something of what it must be like to be in Radiohead or Talk Talk performing something long form that really takes people on an extended journey and WORKS! Would LOVE to hear this off vinyl.

Better Letting Go


‘Better Letting Go’……..Written with a talented yet largely unknown singer named John O’Kane……..we imagined a kind of Walker Bros doing ‘No Regrets’ scenario and pulled it off fairly well I think.The recording maybe takes a little too long to get going but by the time the strings and timpani get stuck in I don’t think we’re in any doubt as to what we’re dealing with do we? Do we?
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