I run at things too fast, only give them half a chance

Say what you want, say what you will, but it's true

I'm far too lazy, I do enough, but do nothing more

I like to drink, I like to play, do you too?

Until I knew her I never knew what a woman can do

did what she want, what she will, is it true?

She holds her own, she holds mine too, we do a merry dance

Do what we want, do what we will, do you too?

I brush her hair, and it crackles with the static

I never meant to kiss her, it was purely automatic

She's my angel, she's my Betty Blue

She's my best friend

She's my best friend

Her fingers drumming time, drumming time,

drumming on my beating heart

I got it good, I've got it bad - it's true

You never know just what the blues are like

until you take a taste of the sweet life

I found an angel, a reason to smile

A best friend

She's gone, she's out of sight, she's my love me tender,

my P.G. fright, my lady day in the dead of night

I found an angel, a reason to smile

a best friend

My best friend

She's my best friend